Recreation or Trail bikes are closely related to competition bikes but provide features that may make them more accessible to the average rider. Their power delivery is more user friendly than their competition cousin. Most motors are four stroke air cooled and typically electric start for convenience. Their suspension is even softer and more supple than an Enduro or competition bike. A trail bike isn’t designed to attack the trails at the same speeds as a competition bike so the suspension doesn’t have to be as stiff. Displacements can go from 50cc right up to 650 cc.

Trail bikes tend to have lower seat heights than a comparable competition bike. The lower seat height makes them much more manageable for newer riders and riders that are inseam challenged. Trail bikes usually don’t come with or have provisions for lights. They are not street legal.

Much more user friendly than a competition bike
Suspension designed for woods and play riding
More fuel capacity for greater range
Not street legal
Suspension not tuned for aggressive riding