Popkum Motor Park
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With 100 acres to play and new things being built all the time, you won’t have a problem finding somewhere cool to ride!

Our National level MX track is mint. Our recent upgrades have revamped a majority of the track, adding loads of material to the surface to provide you with track conditions you can rely on.

On busier days (weekends, holidays, summer time) we have flaggers on the main track. When flaggers are on duty, we run “family ride” for the first 15 minutes of each hour; family ride is the only time 50cc bikes are allowed on our main track, there is no jumping permitted, and it is the perfect time for slower riders to have a go at the big track without the intimidation of the faster riders. This 2.5 km-long track will not disappoint!

The Jr MX track was completely redesigned in 2018 and purposely built for beginner riders and small bikes, this track provides a safe controlled environment for parents to work with their kids or for inexperienced riders to learn on.

Don’t be fooled though, the track is pretty fun for riders of all levels, and experienced riders enjoy the close quarters of this small-area track. Anyone can ride the JR Track provided you are being respectful of anyone younger or less experienced.

We now have two beginner training areas! Both are large fields that provides a safe and relaxing environment away from the other tracks. If you are taking the Learn To Ride courses, this is where you will get your initial intro to riding. Specifically set up to train new riders, there are cones for various drills and training features around the perimeter, such as (learning) hill climbs, some small logs, and turns.

We also have an MX training area located at the far end of the family loop. In addition to a large open area, there are various MX sections with corners, jumps and tables to build your track skills away from the main MX tracks. This area is not monitored by flaggers and is located at the far end of the property where there may be some wildlife, so to keep everyone safe, there is no riding alone in this area.

54500 Bridal Falls Rd
54500 Bridal Falls Rd, Rosedale, BC