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Dale Ague opened Sand Del Lee so many years ago. Dale was the driver and the passion behind Sand Del Lee. In 2001, MX101 took over operating Sand Del Lee, but Dale was always there to help with advice and large amounts of effort.

Dale passed away in August of 2010. However, Dale will always be in our hearts and minds. Dale will always be the father of Sand Del Lee, and one of the Forefather’s of Canadian Motocross.

Sand Del Lee was named because it is a Sand track, and it is in a Dell (a small valley with trees and grass) and is a Lee (it is protected).

There is a track for smaller bikes as well as the national track. The National track is sandy with a clay base. There are very few rocks, and SDL is renowned for being one of the most fun tracks to ride in Canada. On those perfect days, you can lean into every turn as deep as you dare, and carve your way around the track. However, during the National event with 80 of the top pros riding it all day, it becomes incredibly rough and is one of the most challenging and touch tracks on the national circuit. If you have never been to SDL to watch the National, or if you are a racer and you have never ridden SDL, then you owe it to yourself to come out and experience the best MX track in Canada!

2980 Conley Rd,
Ottawa, Ontario