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Contrary to popular belief, hot rods, custom cars, street racing and drag racing are not recent phenomenons. Back in the late 1940′s and early 50′s Street Rods and Customs were just as popular as they are now and street racing was just as wrong.

In fact street racing was of such great concern to the Vancouver Police Department that they got together with a group of local “Hot Rodder’s” to try and resolve the problem.

As a result, founding member Bob Phinney conceived the idea of a hot rod club. Thanks to Bob, other original members, plus Allan Rossiter and Bernie Smith of the Vancouver Police Department the club became a reality.

To the best of our knowledge the B.C.C.C.A is the oldest rod & custom car club in Canada. Originally formed in the late 1951, many names for the club were tossed around such as the B.C. Hot Rod Association and the Vancouver Hot Rod Association. However, as negative connotations then surrounded the words “Hot Rods”, the B.C. Custom Car Association was chosen as a more appropriate name. On January 25, 1952 the club held it’s first “official” meeting and elected Bob Scott as President, Charlie (Chuck) Robinson as Vice President and Bob Phinney as Secretary / Treasurer. A few months later Chuck Robinson would take over as President for the balance of the term. On December 9, 1952, the club became registered as a non-profit association and incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia.

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