Mill Hill Motocross and Off Road Motorcycle Park
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Mill Hill Motocross and Off Road Motorcycle Park has a motocross track and a great selection of trails.

NSORRA members can ride the trails for free from Monday-Saturday during the riding season. Mill Hill is closed on Sundays except for special events. The property is not gated and no special permission is required to access the park.

Access to the motocross track is managed separately by the landowner.

Mill Hill trails are a mix of wide flowy and tighter more technical trails with some fun hill climbs. There is riding here for all skill levels. These dirt trails are a lot of fun to ride on!

Mill Hill is about 20 km by road (shorter as the crow flies of course) north-west of Wolfville in the Annapolis Valley. 1001 Bains Road, Canning, NS in your gps will get you there. The roads are good the entire way. When you see the sign at the park entrance proceed several hundred metres in the driveway and take the right at the intersection. The driveway goes through private property and the owner has requested that visitors travel no faster then 10 kph entering the park. Follow the driveway past the motocross track on the left and park in the field. The trails start up at the northwest corner of the field.


45.1689051, -64.4856064