705 MX Park
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705MX Park’s mission is to create a family oriented club committed to promoting organized motocross in the region. Our primary goal is to promote motocross riding in Northern Ontario for young riders and their families. We consider motocross racing to be a lifelong sport and in future we will expand to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere of friendly competition for riders of all ages and abilities. This is accomplished by providing our members a safe environment for riders of all skill levels to enjoy the sport of motocross and spend time with family and friends.

705 MX Park operates on a combination of membership dues, sponsorship contributions and donations and of course volunteers. Racers range from as young as three years old to over 40. It is a sport enjoyed by both males and females, with the female class growing each year.

Our Vision is to promote a healthy lifestyle choice that brings our youth, families and friends together.

5050 Kamiskotia Road
Timmins, Ontario